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NinjaBatt 807956-001 HP Battery for HS04 HS03 807957-001 807611-421 HSTNN-LB6U Notebook 15-AY039WM TPN-I119 G4/G5 240 245 246 250 256 - High Performance

NinjaBatt 807956-001 HP Battery for HS04 HS03 807957-001 807611-421 HSTNN-LB6U Notebook 15-AY039WM TPN-I119 G4/G5 240 245 246 250 256 - High Performance

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Brand: NinjaBatt


  • PREMIUM QUALITY HP BATTERY: Bring your laptop back to life with Ninjabatt's high quality HP laptop battery replacement - Made of high quality materials, top grade battery cells and packed with safety features.
  • TRUE CHARGING CAPACITY THAT LASTS: Every one of our HP laptop batteries are tested to meet OEM specifications. Our 4 cells Li-ion battery is rated at 33wH/2200mAh/14.8V - true charge capacity that won’t let you or your laptop down.
  • COMPATIBLE MODELS: 807612-421 | 807611-131 |14-AC151NR | 14-AF110NR | 14-AM052NR | 15-AC151DX | 15-AF112NR | 15-AF123CL | 15-AY052NR | 15-AY061NR | 15-AY068NR | 15-AY071NR | 15-AY163NR | 15-BA009DX | 15-BA015WM | 15-BA016NR | 15-BA018WM | 15-BA027NR | 15-BA053NR | 15-BA057NR | 15-BA079DX | 15-BA113CL | 17-X047NA | 17-X047NG | 17-X047UR | 17-X049NG | 17-X050NG | 17-X051NG | 17-X051NR | 17-X052NG | 17-X053NF | 17-X054NF| 17-X055NF | 240 G4 G5 | 245 G4 G5 | 250 G4 G5 | 255 G4 G5 | 256 G4 G5
  • SAFETY FIRST: Don’t fall into buying cheap and unsafe batteries, our HP batteries are certified for safety and packed with a variety of safety features, including short circuit, overheat, and overload protections.
  • HIGH QUALITY COMPONENTS & 12 MONTH WARRANTY: Our spare HP laptop batteries are assembled from top quality material and circuit boards to ensure durability and performance. We only use grade A battery cells that provide up to 500 charging cycles. We’re so confident in the performance of our replacement laptop batteries that we’re including a 12-month warranty with every single purchase.

Binding: Personal Computers

model number: HS04

Part Number: QBEK00329

Details: Compatible Toshiba Satellite Laptop Models: L500D L500D-ST2532 L500-EZ1520 L500-EZ1530 L500-ST5507 L505D-ES5024 L505D-ES5025 L505-LS5014 L505-S5964 L505-S5966 L455-S5008 L455-S5045 L455-S5981 L455-SP2902R L455-S1591 L455-S5000 L455-S5009 L455-S5046 A200-AH3 A200-AH6 A200-EZ2204X A200-ST2042 A200-TH1 A205-S4587 A205-S4597 A205-S4607 A205-S4617 A205-S4629 A205-S4639 A205-S4707 A205-S4777 A205-S4797 A205-S5000 A205-S5800 A205-S5803 A205-S5804 A205-S5809 A205-S5810 A205-S5812 A205-S5814 A205-S5816 A205-S5821 A205-S5823 A205-S5825 A205-S5831 A205-S5833 A205-S5835 A205-S5841 A205-S5843 A205-S5847 A205-S5851 A205-S5853 A205-S5855 A205-S5859 A205-S5861 A205-S5864 A205-S5866 A205-S5867 A205-S5871 A205-S5878 A205-S5879 A205-S5880 A205-S6808 A205-S6810 A205-S6812 A205-S7443 A205-S7456 A205-S7458 A205-S7464 A205-S7468 A215-S4737 A215-S4747 A215-S4757 A215-S4767 A215-S4807 A215-S4817 A215-S5802 A215-S5808 A215-S5815 A215-S5818 A215-S5822 A215-S5824 A215-S5825 A215-S5829 A215-S5837 A215-S5839 A215-S5848 A215-S5849 A215-S5850 A215-S6804 A215-S6814 A215-S6816 A215-S7411 A215-S7413 A215-S7414 A215-S7416 A215-S7417 A215-S7422 A215-S7425 A215-S7427 A215-S7428 A215-S7433 A215-S7437 A215-S7444 A215-S7447 A215-S7462 A215-S7472 A300-ST3512 A305D-S6849 A305D-S6851 A305D-S6856 A305D-S6865 A305D-S6914 A305-S6825 A305-S6829 A305-S6837 A305-S6839 A305-S6841 A305-S6843 A305-S6845 A305-S6852 A305-S6853 A305-S6857 A305-S6858 A305-S6860 A305-S6861 A305-S6862 A305-S6864 A305-S6872 A305-S6883 A305-S6898 A305-S6902 A305-S6905 A305-S6908 A305-S6909 A305-S6916 A305-S6992E A355D-S6885 A355D-S6887 A355D-S6889 A355D-S6921 A355D-S6922 A355D-S6930 A355-S6879 A355-S6924 A355-S6925 A355-S6926 A355-S6931 A355-S6935

EAN: 0811108023781

Package Dimensions: 11.9 x 4.3 x 1.9 inches

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